USPayserv is one of the best online portals for employers to make payments and save manual work, and hence save their time considerably.
This login portal promoted digitalization to a good extent. If you are an employer, and if you are looking to make things easy for yourself, then you by no means can miss out on signing up on the USPayserv portal and using the services it offers.

What more? This login portal isn’t only meant for employers. Employees too can sign in to their account, and access the information like their paystubs, leave information, work schedule, etc.

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Also, this login portal amazingly makes the communication seamless between the employers and employees, which is again a major benefit of the same.

How to Get Started with USPayserv?

To get started with this login portal, you need to visit the portal management team, explain your requirements, and get the contract value and other conditions.

If everything fits your bills, you can close the deal, get your account created, and get your login credentials.

You can effectively use these login credentials to sign in to your registered account and use all the features it offers.

USPayserv Login Steps

Checkout the steps that you are required to follow to sign in to your account and use the services you are offered here.

  1. To begin the usage of this portal, visit the official USPayserv login at
  2. Once you land on this portal’s website address, you will be displayed with two text fields that ask you to submit your username and account password respectively.
  3. Also, you will be asked to submit your Employer code.
  4. Submit each piece of information carefully, and re-check them once after you enter them.
  5. If the entered information is correct, click Login.
  6. Allow the portal to match the submitted information with the information present in the portal database. If it matches, you will be allowed to sign in, and if it doesn’t, you will be asked to re-check your credentials and submit them again.

Reset USPayserv Login Password

Now, what do you do if you forget your account password? How do you restore your account? Is it even possible to do so? Well, yes. In case, you forget your account password, you can reset the same with extreme ease. How? Checkout your answers.

  1. To reset your USPayserv account password, visit
  2. Here, just below the login text fields, you will see an option that reads “Forgot PIN?”
  3. Click on this option to continue your password reset process.
  4. On the next page, you will see that prompts you to submit your username, employer code, and default PIN.
  5. Submit these details correctly to continue the process.
  6. After you enter them, check them once, and click submit.
  7. Wait for a while. You will be receiving an email at your email address with the PIN reset instructions. Just follow them to reset your account PIN and sign in to your account again.
Portal Name USPayserv
Usage Mode Online
Used By Employers & Employees
Login Mandatory

Why USPayserv?

So, what are the major benefits that make missing out on using this portal a big mistake for employers? Well, checkout your answers below.

  1. Employees can sign in to their account to modify their personal information. Hence, they aren’t required to visit the HR department every now and then to do so.
  2. Employers can make secure payments and check the payment information using this portal whenever they wish to do so. This is a major benefit of this portal.
  3. The portal comes with several rewards and offers that directly help employees in terms of saving their money. Hence, this portal can save both, time and money.
  4. The employees can request leave using this portal. Employers can approve or reject the same with it.
  5. Both, employees and employers can check and manage their work schedule with ease. Hence, it makes overall professional life easy for them to a considerable extent.

So, what are you waiting for? If you aren’t already using the USPayserv login portal, now is the time to do so and ensure that you don’t miss out on using every benefit that it comes alongside at all.

If you desire to get more information, or if you face any sort of issues while using this amazing portal, you can always reach out to the management team to help you out. The efficient customer support team of USPayserv login is always keen to help out the clients and ensure a smooth overall experience for them.